Member Benifits

We Share Resources Nonprofit Netwrok


We are a different kind of network – a  nonprofit network that shares our resources and professional experiences with our fellow members. Your  membership offers a lifetime of rewards for your orginization. including high- quality products and services at discounted prices from local and national providers. We also offer funding and program support that will help drive your mission, as well as the opportunity to get involved in creating industry leading principales and practices, policies and trainings.

Every nonprofit organization faces the challenge of making the most of limited resources. Since many share the common goal of offering the best possible services to its members and community, it is to the advantage of all that we share resources with one another to the widest extent possible. 

  • Obtain and share resources with members throughout the United States
  • Fundraisers and event support
  • Discounts on products and services local and nationally
  •  Group buying power
  •  Affordable customized online company training website (Elearning)
  •  Shared template documents (Human Resources, Program How To's, IRS Tax Docs ..etc)
  •  Industry trainings and focus groups (policies, principals and best practices)
  •  Branding and marketing support
  •  Custom forms for paperless operations
  •  Online webinars and workshops led by industry leaders
  • Job Board 
  • Intern and Volunteer search
  • Annual Convention
  • And so much more