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About US

We Share resources is a nonprofit community resources program that provides valuable networking, program resources and safety trainings to individuals and nonprofit organizations throughout the community. Our resource network is comprised of nonprofit organizations throughout the US and serves as a valuable source of information to assist our members in expanding the world of possibilities for their programs.

Connecting & Supporting Local Nonprofit Organizations Across The US:

Every nonprofit organization faces the challenge of making the most of limited resources. Since many share the common goal of offering the best possible services to its members and community, it is to the advantage of all that we share resources with one another to the widest extent possible. We Share Resources (WSR) members are encouraged to share with each other by posting Items or services that they can gift, sell, rent, *Barter or loan to another member.

Network providers offer products and services to our members at discounted rates of up to 60 percent off. Providers which include Attorneys, Fund Raisers, Accountants, Electricians, Plumbers, and many more to help offset some of the financial concerns nonprofits face . Throughout the country, our members employ thousands of people who provide compassionate care to millions of individuals daily. 

We have over 50 years of combined human services experience on our staff. We value integrity and honesty and strive to operate by these values. 

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